Structa Wire

Structa Wire Corp manufactures high-performance welded wire products for the lath and plaster industry.

These great products from Structa Wire are available now. Please call for the current price.

Structa Lath 

Structalath No. 17 1- 1/2″ x 1-1/2″ SF CR II is a welded wire lath, engineered to enhance the performance of stucco cladding. Structalath reduces cracking and increases stucco embedment while being easy to install, enhancing worker satisfaction and productivity.


Structalath Twin Trac is an innovative reinforcing lath that simplifies the attachment of lath to wood and steel studs. Designed especially for commercial construction, Twin Trac has all the enhanced features of regular Structalath with the addition of eight secondary cold-rolled longitudinal wires that add strength to form a ‘track’ for convenient attachment. Twin Trac can be substituted wherever 2.5 metal lath has been specified.

Mega Lath

Mega Lath is a self-furring welded wire that provides heavy-duty reinforcing for both stucco and stone installation. Mega Lath is an engineered product that provides easy attachment for both wood and steel construction. Specifically designed for stucco applications that require extra reinforcing, Mega Lath can be used as an alternative to 3.4 lb/yd2 diamond mesh metal lath specified in ASTM C 847 and at 1.95 lb/yd2, Mega Lath can be installed 24″ OC over open framing. Mega Lath is recommended wherever 2.5 or 3.4 metal sheet lath is specified.

V Truss Corners

Innovative Structa V Truss is the result of our continued commitment to providing the best lathing products possible. V Truss offers advancements over the original Structa Corner design, including greater strength, ease of installation and increased embedment.

V Truss Walls and Ceilings

V Truss for Walls & Ceilings is designed to improve the performance of stucco on overhead surfaces. V Truss for Walls & Ceilings is a self-furring welded wire lath for use as an alternative to 3.4 lb rib metal lath.